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Alter-Tex - Textile charge

Alter-Tex charter

ln order to introduce the AL TER-TEX certificate for the textile industry,members are committed to promote this sustainable development charter.

A general conduct code has been adopted by AL TER-TEX with economic performance, social equity and environmental preservation. Ali these themes are divided into several actions, initiatives and commitments which must be respected by all charter signatories in order to evolve measures of each firm on 7 following guiding axes :

  1. Preserve the quality, safety and traceability of products and all their components
  2. Ensure the health and safety of employees
  3. Measure and reduce the environmental and carbon foot print
  4. Preserve natural resources
  5. Maintain employment and local expertise
  6. Seing a responsible and solidary actor
  7. lnnovate on environmental plan and Consumer Protection
  8. Ali this happen in application of all these principles in the organization and operation of AL TER-TEX members.

Respect of Business right and fight against unfair practices and all kind of corruption. Ensure the quality, safety of articles and of their components as well as traceability, respect of REACH regulation and of all applicable European directives. Promote the use of SMEs. Propose products that ensure technical performance, comfort and user safety.


  • Respect of the 8 fundamental OIT conventions
  • lmprovements of working conditions in terms of hygiene, health and safety
  • Compliance with legislation concerning number of regular hours worked and additional hours
  • Respect for a day off per seven-day week
  • Transparency on administrative documents concerning staff management
  • Keep jobs in France
  • Offer products favoring working conditions evolution of


  • Establish environmental display of articles produced and I or marketed following to a standardized procedure
  • Establish a process of reduction and of recycling of waste
  • Establish an optimization approach of water consumption
  • Establish a process in order to improve energy efficiency
  • Establish a system of treatment of polluted waters in all units and for each stage of products manufacture and components
  • Set up a device for collecting and processing gas emission
  • Set up a plan for storage and elimination of hazardous wastes
  • Propose products favoring environmental impact reduction


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